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Our Story


Amoura DesignsEver since the founder can remember, she was both fascinated and intrigued by Egypt. The history, legends, culture, monuments, temples, and artwork were things that captured her imagination. She read about it for years and always knew someday she would visit this country and see firsthand all the things she had learned about this captivating place. That opportunity finally presented itself and she embarked on a trip of a lifetime.


Amoura Designs Although she experienced just about everything she had envisioned and more, when she returned home she felt it was only the beginning of many more journeys and experiences to this beautiful land.


She returned from her trip with her luggage full of beautiful items that were all handmade in gorgeous colors, stunning Egyptian fabrics, and unique indigenous beads and stones. Everyone was thrilled by the beauty and craftsmanship of the items. She received so many compliments on the accessories she wore that the seed of an idea began within her.


Amoura Designs She was able to connect her love for Egypt and its beautiful products and share them with others. Soon after, Amoura was created allowing her to bring to others the products she and her friends fell in love with and a glimpse of the Egypt that had always captured her.


Amoura Designs Amoura is not only about fashion, but people as well. Most of the products are handcrafted in Egypt by talented but underprivileged women. Amoura makes sure these women are provided an outlet to empower themselves as professionals offering an opportunity to showcase their talent, craftsmanship and most importantly, to provide for their families. Thus, joining forces with non-profit charities was a natural thing for the founder and portions of the proceeds from sales are destined to various charities.

Amoura is not just a company but a way of life, an expression of hope, creativeness and the result of an entrepreneurial individual sharing a common dream and an inspiration to make a positive difference in society.



Amoura Designs