Wow !… that’s all I was able to say when I saw the amazing spread Fashion Mannuscript did on Amoura and yours truly.  Honestly, I was not expecting anything as lavish as this, maybe Amoura’s logo with a brief description of who and what Amoura was about but they outdid themselves, and that was what left me speechless.  The article talks about how Amoura got started, has images of my scarves, several of my jewelry such as the pearl and crystal back necklace, our turquoise bracelet and the black agate and smokey crystal necklace and bracelet set.   Thank you Fashion Mannuscript for sharing my story with your readers and telling the world out there why this small, but enterprising, fashion accessories company is so important, so passionate to me.

Fashion Mannuscript, October 2015, Amoura

Fashion Mannuscript 3

As I’ve mentioned before in my previous posts… Amoura is a labor of love, it’s what brings me joy, it’s my baby and its also my way of helping others, especially women.  It may be difficult for others to understand this… why I’m so passionate about it.  I see the look in people’s eyes sometimes when I’m telling my story and it is not resonating with them.  I’m sure they are thinking I’m crazy, or wasting my time or that’s it’s a hobby.  I get it, I understand.   But I also see the look in people’s eyes when they do get it, when they do feel my passion, excitement and love coming out and that is very satisfying to me. It makes me happy.  People,…. newsflash….

it’s not a hobby,

it’s my new profession,

it’s what I intend to earn a living from.

I also intend  for Amoura to be very successful, to continue growing,  so that I can provide the women in Egypt that I partner with, the opportunity for them to showcase their talent and continue empowering them.   I have so many ideas of what I will do as Amoura continues to grow that it makes me giddy !….:)

For now, I’m very honored, grateful and happy to be featured in this great publication and I also want to thank my publicist , Jana from Jana Public Relations who has helped bring awareness of who Amoura is and has to offer.

Thank you universe !…:)

Fashion Mannuscript 1Fashion Mannuscript 2

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