Handpainted Women’s Faces Coffee and Tea Mugs


Cushion and Pillow Covers in traditional Egyptian Khayameya style

I am happy and excited to announce Amoura’s new line of Egyptian home decor and accessories collection ! Egypt has a wealth of expert craftswomen and men that create the most exquisite art pieces for your home.  There were so beautiful I had to add them to the Amoura colleciton and hence “Amoura Home” was born.


Egyptian Arabian Lamp

When the idea of of Amoura was just a seed in my mind, the desire was  to start with a home collection.  I had fallen in love with all the beautiful colors, fabrics, and handcrafted items I saw on the first eventful trip to Egypt 5 years ago (I can’t beleive its been 5 years!!!!).  So the thought of incorporating home items has been on my mind since all of last year but I knew I had to be in Egypt to select the best items I wanted to include in the collection.


Handpainted Coffee and Tea Mugs

Claudias lamp_n

The light casts by the Egyptian lamps are simply stunning!

So I have started with a few categories and selected pieces within those categories to see how receptive they will be.  The categories are Egyptian / Arabian lamps, Cushions & Pillow Covers, Wooden Boxes & Frames & Dinnerware.   I love all the pieces and it is hard to choose a favorite but I have to say that the Egyptian Lamps are just amazing !! The lighting that is cast on the walls are so unique and romantic….I just love them !!   The handpainted coffee mugs and espresso sets are my next favorite!  Beautiful arabian style motif are hanpainted on different types of mugs and cups in silver and gold that just absolutely intices you to have a cup of coffee just to be able to sip from them !

Stay tuned to more blog postings of all the items in our collecitons and has we had more based on customer demand and likes !

Do provide me feedback and tell me what is your favorite piece from the Amoura Home collection !…


Wooden boxes with Mother of Pearl designs

Till next time !




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