Simply Spectacular !

Back in the Pyramids and as always, there are fascinating !..


Obviously the most famous are these 3 you see and which have been photographed extensively but there are actually 9 pyramids on the premises.  The other 6 are for the wives of Keouf and Cheops.  The oldest pyramid and the largest was built around 2500BC making it over 4500 years old !  Impressive indeed!!

Pyramid 2 of the 3 pyramids in Giza

Pyramid 2 of the 3 pyramids in Giza

The pyramids can be seen very easily since they are right next to the city.  One moment you are in the middle of the city the next, the pyramids loom right by.  This time it wasn’t as deserted as the last couple of times I had been there.  There were lots of tourists…from China !pyramids 4

These immense monuments are built from limestone and it is believed that the top of the first pyramid actually had the tip in gold but was stolen by grave robbers many thousands of years ago.


Of course no trip to the pyramids is complete without seeing that other famous landmark of Egypt.  Once you finish seeing the pyramids you are then taken to where the sphinx is and have the opportunity to take more pictures of these magnificent antiquities.  The Sphinx was built many years after the pyramids and placed in the position of guarding the entrance to the pyramids.  As you know the body is of a lion and the face of a human.  Back in the 1800’s, Napoleon and his really smart army of soldiers  were in Egypt and used the Sphinx nose for target practice and that’s why the Sphinx is nose less. However, that is being contested now and many beleive that it was not that at all….HmmmmmThe Spinx and me

After taking a trillion pictures we then headed off to a nearby restaurant that had a wonderful of the pyramids.  A lovely lunch courtesy of Mohamed Bahaa from Travel Code  Thank you Mohamed !

Over looking Cairo from the Giza Plateau

Over looking Cairo from the Giza Plateau

I leave you with this beautiful view of the city from the pyramid hills and the camel riders.

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