Tall Cone shaped lamp

Tall Cone shaped lamp

Just as I thought…The Egyptian lamps are very popular and fly off the shelf every time we get a new batch of them!

They truly are unique and beautiful to see.  This time our new lamps come in different shapes and sizes based on customer demand.  The tabletop designs are the most popular and the ones that are most in demand. We now have 4 different designs and sizes for the table top.  This tall cone shaped one comes in two sizes, 16″ or 20″ tall.  Gorgeous, stunning, the adjectives are not enough to describe them!!

lamp-collage-2The new hanging lamps are my favorite, the beautiful design of the lamps are sure to make any room they are displayed simply amazing.


Working with the makers of the lamps in creating the designs I want can be challenging at times since they are in Egypt and I’m here in Miaimi, Fl and they speak Arabic and I don’t. plating

But we make it happen through sheer perseverance and a wonderful assistant back in Egypt that translates what’s in my mind to the wonderful craftsman that make them .  15046327_920197404778947_1299462409_nIt’s truly a collaborative process from design to finish product.

candle-lampThe lamps are all wired but we do have 1 design for candles that you can place a tealight and they will also look pretty on an end table or shelf.


As we get closer to the holidays I know these beauties will make amazing gifts and not something you can pick up at your nearby mall. Check out out online store to get one before we sell out of them again or if you are in the Miami area, check out one of the local bazaars and events we will be participating in.  Follow us on Instagram @Amoura or @AmouraHome to see our latest products and what festival will be in that week.  You’ll get to see  these babies up close and on display beautifully lit !  lamp-table


As always,

Julie Acosta

Amoura’s Founder and CEO




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