DSC_1976We all have used them at one point or another, some more than others.  Some use it to express feelings, emotions and/or to make a point! You see them in texts, on Facebook posts, on Instagram, in clothing, signs, etc…. And now we have them as cute necklaces !   DSC_1986

When it was decided to add these cute necklaces to our  collection it was really an afterthought, just to see if it would be something that would be a cute thing to add to our inventory.


Little did we know that they would become such a popular item !

DSC_1985 We have two designs, the happy smiley emoji and the kissing emoji.  Both are available in gold or silver tone.

So if you are someone that uses emojis or have a significant other that does, these make sweet Valentine’s gifts (Guys you listening out there??!)



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