Blue Lapis Tassel Necklace

Inspiration comes in different forms for artists.  For me, inspiration comes when I travel and when I see a profusion of color in nature.




Blush Coral and Green Agate Tassel NecklaceMany of you  that follow my original  blog “The Traveling Redheaded Lady”  ( ) may know that  I travel to Egypt quite often for my work designing fashion and home accessories.   On my very first trip to Egypt I was hit by an infusion of colors, fabrics, art and it left me reeling with the possibility of what I could do.  That was the original inspiration for this journey I’ve been on the last 4-5 years.

On tassels-2my last trip to Egypt this year,  I already had in my mind the thought of adding tassels to my necklaces.  I love how they look and it gives a great feel of “old world” to what I had in mind for this year’s new look. Tassels are not a new things in Egypt, they’ve been used in jewelry and costumes for hundreds of years.   So that’s the spark and then the imagination takes over as I search for the right gemstones, charms and materials to get my finished design.white-tassel-earrings-cu

Four specific necklaces in this years collection have a beautiful gold charms with tassels at the end.  All in different gemstones indigenous to Egypt in beautiful deep colors which are my preferences.  But I also have soft pastel summer colors for those that like the lighter colors of the spectrum.

Blue-Pink-Green-Multicolored Tassel Necklace

But I went ahead and added to tassels to a few earrings as well and I’m happy with out they came out.  Black Onyx Tassel Necklace I hope you do to.  All the jewelry from the new collection can be found at the site where this blog is housed.  Enjoy and as always , leave your comments, I love to hear from our followers !


White and Blue Agate Tassel Necklace

Black and Grey Agate Tassel Necklace

The Traveling Redheaded Lady

AKA – Julie Acosta

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