I’ve been to many temples throughout Egypt but Karnak is still my favorite .  Its not that its very large,  which it is,  or that it has these huge pillars that seem to reach sky high ,  or the writings, pictures, and engravings all over depicting how life was back in those days, or the lake where the maidens and queens swam in…..its just that I find in that immense structure of courtyards, stones, lakes, rooms….. peace and tranquility….

The entrance where the Pharaohs rode up in their chariots to Karnak

You can still see color on the paintings underneath

One of the obelisks at Karnak and the tallest standing obelisk of the ancient world.


The great columns at Karnak

One of the most impressive things in this vast complex are the massive columns all arranged in perfect rows.  There are 134 of these things with 12 of them measuring over 68 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Truly incredible and of course the question remains how was this built ??? !!




The sacred lake of Amun-Ra at Karnak



Anybody seen Cleopatra around?

After seeing the temple,  a walk along the Nile is always something soothing and peaceful as well.  When there were more tourists this was full of Felucca boats up and down the Nile but now it’s very quiet and tranquil.

The beautiful Nile

A view of Luxor



Life is good

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