“Alexandria Lights” gold tone long green crystal earrings

I can’t go out of the house without  having 3 things on me.  Mascara, lipstick and earrings !  and my all time favorite are long “chandelier” earrings. I have so many earrings sometimes its hard too remember which ones I have and in what color!  Now of course, I have many more than before and I love designing earrings ….the long earrings especially. Long earrings, or also known as “chandelier” earrings have a more feminine quality to them…to me anyway.  I admit that the short/small stud earrings are very elegant and also have a professional look to them, but I still prefer my long earrings.


“Dancing Queen” Long gold tone earrings with brown crystals

In Egypt of course, the longer and bolder the earring the better and I get my inspiration from what I see when I travel to Egypt. The symbols, the stones, even the architecture sparks that creativity in my brain and from that comes the material, the gemstones and crystals to eventually the end result… a beautiful and unique pair of earrings in this case.

AMOURA2 edited by JA (1024x683)

Model wearing “Luxor Sunset” earrings and Amoura accessories

The pictures of the earrings I have on this blog post were all inspired this way.  One of my favorites, “Luxor Sunset” (the featured image for this blog article) is copper wired with hanging tiny cream and green agate gemstones and a large green/grey Labradorite stone in the center.  It’s absolutely Egyptian inspired but also dainty, feminine and exotic…exactly what long earrings are for me.  Then there is the “Dancing Queen”….. beautiful gold hoop inspired earrings with hanging brown crystals..love those too!  and wait ! “Alexandria Lights”, the long gold earrings with beautiful emerald green or deep red crystals …I love those too !…

As you can see, its very hard to choose a favorite !….

Red Crystal earrings EFTC-RD

Long Silver Feather and Red Crystal Earrings

One of the perks of being an accessories/earrings designer is I don’t have to choose …. I can have my pick of what I’ll wear that day…  Isn’t that fun !!


“Arabic Dawn” black crystal earrings

If  you haven’t explored Amoura’s website, please do so…you’ll see my whole collection and you might find a favorite one or two for you too !






“infinite Joy” orange Agate long spiral earrings




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