I arrived in Luxor today!….After almost a full day’s meeting yesterday with my main jewelry maker in Cairo I flew early this morning to Luxor.
Yesterday I had the chance to see my reorder and check all the merchandise for my specifications and quality.  As usual, Raghda did a great job and is well on the way to beginning the work on the new Fall/Winter collection

Now yesterday I wrote about all the food that I either ate or bought and of course as part of the Egyptian hospitality…I was invited to lunch for a typical lunch during Eid (the feast) so I’m seeing a pattern here !!  2013-08-10 15_07_56

Raghda’s mom cooked a delicious meal with chicken, beef, salad, bread and something that looks like Shepard’s pie but instead of meat at the bottom it has vegetables.  Really delicious and then we finished with the traditional Eid dessert called Kahk.  Kahk is a cookie made with lots of butter, milk, sesame seeds and nuts finished off with powdered sugar.  Another dietetic thing to eat !

2013-08-10 17_05_25

Now in Luxor, my goal for the next few days is to search for more beautiful scarves like I bought last time and to see what else I can add to items I’m currently selling.  But first arrival at Mara’s house.  Still as beautiful as ever and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going to Luxor.  Nothing beats it for the price, comfort and cleanliness of the rooms and of course Mara’s and Amer’s hospitality. Truly they go out of their way in meeting their customer’s wishes. bedroom collage

My room was as lovely as always with beautiful royal or lapis lazuli colored curtains hanging from the top of my bed, a lovely reception area and kitchen and a nice sitting area in my bedroom , which is where I’m writing this blog right now.  Karnak temple 2The detail to her accessories are fantastic as Amer would say ! A custom made wooden chair sits in my reception area of which there are 48 in the hotel (more like a fancy Egyptian/Moroccan Bed & Breakfast really) and the most beautiful wooden mirror interlaid with mother of pearl pieces. Hmmmm I think I’ll be taking one like that home with me….

DSC_0662After settling in my room, Mara calls me down for a late lunch that Amer has prepared.  Breaded chicken with a sweet and sour sauce, French fries, feta cheese with olive oil and cumin spice and pita bread of course!…Delicious…I’m telling you I will be rolling back home !…

We then head off to the Souk (the Marketplace) and I mentally prepare myself for the haggling and negotiating that I will need to do….Patience & Breathe deeply….1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ………..
I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow !!…:)
Traveling Redheaded Lady !

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