That’s right only Eleven days before I leave for Egypt.  I still have lots of things to get ready for but I believe I have about 85% done….not too bad……I’ve gone through my head everything I can possibly need and have pestered the owners of the place I’m staying at with a thousand questions, do you have a microwave, an iron, a DVD player, AC, etc,, is there a market nearby, is there a beauty salon in the neighborhood you recommend (hey, I still need to do my hair!).  They are probably sick of me by now….LOL…
Currently I’m in Orange County, California this week (I am the Traveling Redheaded Lady after all!) for work and head home late Thursday night.  Its a beautiful area here normally but the weather this week is rain, rain and more rain….hmmmmm….I left beautiful sunny Miami….doesn’t seem right…. I have a full week ahead of me with lots of meetings, training programs to observe and comment and meetings with my boss.
Below are some pics I took from around Irvine, California



Traveling Redheaded Lady (TRL)

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