Just as I thought…The Egyptian lamps are very popular and fly off the shelf every time we get a new batch of them! They truly are unique and beautiful to see.  This time our new lamps come in different shapes and sizes based on customer demand.  The tabletop designs are the most popular and the ones that are most in demand.  [ Read More ]

  Since my first trip to Egypt I have been wanting to bring back one of these beauties.  Now that I’ve expanded our product line to include a home collection under Amoura Home, I finally have these beautiful and unique Egyptian lamps not just in my home but available for our customers as well.  They are truly stunning at night  [ Read More ]

I am happy and excited to announce Amoura’s new line of Egyptian home decor and accessories collection ! Egypt has a wealth of expert craftswomen and men that create the most exquisite art pieces for your home.  There were so beautiful I had to add them to the Amoura colleciton and hence “Amoura Home” was born. When the idea of of Amoura  [ Read More ]

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